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Believe it or not, I’m not a “jewelry person.”

Or at least, I didn’t used to be.

I loved the look of jewelry, and how it pulled together and dressed up an outfit.

But I never found a beautiful necklace that wasn’t impossible to clasp.

Or jewelry that wasn’t plain or boring.

Or a bracelet that didn’t turn my arm green.

Or crystals that didn’t fall off the third time I wore the piece.

Or jeweled pieces that were as vibrant in person as in the photos.


So, I started making my own. And found out that I wasn’t alone!

Women said:Thank you, finally, a pair of earrings that is unique and doesn't make me look like everybody else"

"A stunning necklace I can throw on, and don’t have to ask for help with the clasp!”

“This gold bracelet gets more compliments the longer I wear it - its color is still stunning.”

“I didn’t think I was a jewelry person, but these pieces changed that.”


Making pieces with texture and color, that last and are easy to wear is important to me.

So is outstanding customer service. If anything’s wrong with your order, I take care of it.


But most important to me, when I’m in my studio rolling a cuff or adding the high-quality magnetic clasp on a string of perfect pearls, is how the jewelry will make you feel.


Every order is handmade, as such, your jewelry will be uncommon hence you will always have a unique style experience.

Since style is an expression of self, with Aniks’s handmade jewelry's  color and texture, express your style and feel celebrated!!

-Yemi Onaghise